So we planned this bonfire snack potluck and pretty much every one faked! Alllll the girls faked but these homies pulled through! They were all guys though -.-

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Yesterday I used loreal eyeliner for the first time and got an allergic reaction. My eyes watered for hourssss and my nose got all runny and this morning my throat got all itchy and gross and I know it just sounds like I’m sick but it ain’t even that though. Ughhh. This is the worst!

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Can y’all please make dua that my health returns? I’ve never been in this much pain or been this exhausted. Thanks.


This is Wadi-us-Salaam (وادي السلام) cemetery located in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq, and is the worlds largest. Burials are reported to have been a daily occurrence for the past 1400 years, and in certain periods, as many as approximately 250 corpses have been buried each day. The cemetery is estimated to contain over 5 million corpses. Wadi-us-Salaam is Arabic for “Valley of Peace”. 

You call her Mary, we - Muslims - call her Maryam

A women who was perfect since birth. The best to walk the skies and the best to walk the surfaces of earth.

The most exalted of all women, that’s why she was dedicated an entire chapter in the “Holy Qur’an” .She was the best of all women, and to society she should be leading the way!

I mean that’s why our women be dressing like her, because just like Mary, when Allah decrees something we hear .. and we obey.

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I am not
a poet
nor am I
a writer,
just someone
who loved
far too much
and ended up
bleeding out

— Hemophilia of the Heart; Alahna Sy. (via ajeebinsaan)

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